Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ppheww...wait....it's only TUESDAY??

I cannot believe it is only Tuesday. It seems like the past few days have been a decade, to be completely honest. It all started Saturday night after a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden. I was walking back to the car and got this sudden ache in my mid-back that went all the way across. Any good nurse should know this is also known as "flank pain", or in layman's terms, my kidneys were hurting!! It wasn't a sharp pain, just a continuous, dull pain. So I went home and took a Tylenol and called it a night.

The next morning I felt better so I decided to just forget about it. BIG mistake. By Sunday night I was on my couch hurting so bad I was screaming. I will put it to you this way: I did not scream when I was in LABOR at SIXTEEN years old. I whined a bit, but I never screamed. Well I knew it was something to do with my kidneys so I started trying to think back over the last couple of days to try and remember if I had been using the bathroom at a weird rate. Come to think of it, I had. So still, after all this pain and the fact I had felt like I had to pee all the time and then nothing would ever leave my body, I was still not going to the ER. Mainly because my ER copay was $100 and that is just freakin' ridiculous. Caleb actually used these words, "DIDN'T YOU JUST GRADUATE NURSING SCHOOL?", lol. Nurses are the worst patients I promise you that. So I take 4 Ibuprofen and head off to sleep. Around 1 in the morning, I wake up to pee and lo and behold, it is nothing but blood. At one point I actually thought to myself, holy shit, I am dying. And I had convinced myself of this. I knew it was not from a period because I am on a birth control in which you don't have periods so it has been over 3 years since I have had one. So that was out. I knew something was terribly wrong and it was time to head to the ER. Damn.

So after an agonizing trip down there, hundreds of tears, and so much screaming my voice is hoarse, I learned that I have pyelonephritis and urosepsis. Google it. Basically it is a severe kidney infection that if not treated can cause you to become septic (pretty much poison yourself by not getting all the waste out). So now it is on to a rough regimen of antibiotics, muscle relaxers, and pain medications. Oh and one medication actually causes my urine to be bright UT orange. It really is funny, and yes I look every single time to get a good laugh.

One thing I can say is thank goodness Ethan was with John because he did not need to witness all of this! Speaking of Ethan, he is loving LOVING school. He has gotten a good sticker in his folder every single day and I told him that is for the rest of this week he got good stickers then I would let him pick out any book he wanted to in his little book order form they send home each month. Bribery is wonderful, huh? He went to the dentist yesterday and no cavities! Yay! All the office workers at his school were getting so tickled at him because when my mom picked him up yesterday for his appointment he was so excited about the fact he was going to the dentist. This kid LOVES the dentist. He is such a rare find :-)

Last night I, along with Ethan and John's mom Jackie (or Nini as Ethan calls her) went to Ethan's school for his open house. I got to see his classroom and his seat where he sits every day. There was all of his artwork on the walls and it was all so good. Then he showed us the art room, the music room, and he even took me to the back of the classroom where the bathroom is and showed me how he flushes the toilet there. That's my boy. So for now I am so glad he loves it and I pray it stays that way! He is doing so good and is coming home each day and spelling all kinds of new words for me. He is brilliant. I also told him that if he is good all week we are going to the Grape Stomp this weekend at the Winery in town. He doesn't know that we are going regardless, but if it gets him to behave then I am all for it :-)

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