Sunday, July 19, 2009

....and bake at 350!

After having lunch with my grandparents today at Longhorns (delicious, might I add), Mr. Ethan wanted to rent a movie at Redbox so we did. Once we got home I figured it would be the perfect night to do what I had scheduled for last night and bake us some homemade chocolate chip cookies. He was super excited and so was I. We had a blast, made a complete mess, and chowed down afterward!

Getting ready for some hard core baking!

Adding some butter....

Ethan insisted on taking some pics more butter and sugar!

ethan got his little paws in the i joined along.

and that is when things took a wrong turn...or maybe a right one :-)

ok it's time to be serious. now adding the best part....

of course we had to have a taste test....

adding the finishing touches....

The best part of the cookies was definitely the process of making them. Let's just say we both got a little distracted and they were not as good as we had hoped :-/

Oh well. We had some fun. And Ethan loves to cook! Tonight was a good night, for sure. John came and got Ethan afterward so that I can study for my big test tomorrow. Caleb also takes his boards tomorrow so everyone say an extra prayer for him. I know both of us will do great! Somehow we always do.

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