Saturday, July 18, 2009

Non-productive at its best...

Some days I have lazy/do nothing days where I am so relieved to have absolutely nothing to do. Usually it is because I am running here, there, everywhere without a moment's chance to sit down. Then every now and then I have one of those lazy/do nothing days where I am only there being lazy and doing nothing because I have no plans whatsoever, nowhere to go, nothing to do, and I really wish that I was doing something with my time.

Today was the latter of the two. Ethan and I did have a good day hanging out, I just really felt kind of worthless all day haha. Suzie kept him last night because she hadn't been able to in a really long time, and actually this helped me out a lot because I was able to go to the Bible Study that Caleb and I have been going to at our best friends' house. So that worked out for everyone involved. When she brought him home to me this morning, he was bright-eyed and bushy tailed as always! Ready to play and go go go! So we did. Then around 4:30 we laid down on the couch to watch Hocus Pocus (for some reason ABC Family is playing this in July...?) and next thing I know I wake up and it is almost 7pm! The time is now 10 pm and Ethan has not flinched even once on that couch! I don't know what Suz did to him last night but the boy is absolutely worn out! I am really REALLY hoping he doesn't wake up around midnight full of energy and ready to go for the day...that would be my luck. Of course he would do this on the night I actually have some plans for us. He wanted hashbrowns for dinner (?) and so I bought those and we had plans on making homemade chocolate chip cookies and I was really looking forward to that. I won't lie though, I always make the most of these moments. I was able to clean up, study, talk to my aunt, and now write this :-)

Talking to Kim tonight was nice. I always love our conversations because I can always be so brutally honest/inaproppriate on the phone and she will just laugh. I miss her being so far away but recently I have had wheels in my head turning that could possible have me much closer to her than I am right now. I don't know what I want to do, where I want to be, or even who I want to be. I just know with the whole job problem recently, and the fact that there are *no* nursing jobs in this area, I have been able to picture big changes in my life. It is scary/exciting/crazy all at the same time but a part of me is *dying* to try to something new. Something daring. Something crazy :-)

So for now I am just going to pray about it. Consider things. Look into things. And trust that God will put me right where he wants me. I mean, he has never failed before :-)

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