Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fun in the sun

Ethan and I had a little visitor today, sweet little Brenna. Her daddy brought her over because apparently they were bored, too, which worked out perfectly for us!! Since Memaw was sleeping inside, we had to come up with something to do outside. So we pulled out the Shark Slip-N-Slide that the Easter Bunny brought for Ethan. Had I known the hassle this thing would be, I would have asked the Easter Bunny to bring something much simpler :-)

We finally got it up and running though, after three hose pipes, one bottle of dishwashing detergent (for extra good slippage), a huge hole, and lots of super glue! So while Jerred and I played Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It, the kids were up to no good on the porch....(by the way, Brenna didn't bring her bathing suit so she had to wear some of E-Man's swimming trunks, lol, too freakin cute)....

We *finally* got the mighty slip-n-slide done and it was go time! But it took Ethan a while, lol. Instead of running and sliding onto it, he wanted to jump. And I am pretty amazed that he did not break at least one leg....

Brenna *finally* tried it...and had a little trouble figuring it out, lol.....

They had such a blast! And I even got a little bribery for Ethan when he is about 16 and brings his girlfriend over :-)

Those little rascals even talked me into doing it...and it was **c-o-l-d**

All in all, a really good day! Ethan and Brenna had a blast and my tan is looking pretty good after being out there all day :-)

Another day in the sun tomorrow planned when we go over to Ethan's Aunt Doi (kelly's) house to swim with Doi and Nini. Should be a blast!

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