Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ok so I broke down. I finally decide to do this "blogging" thing. Since everyone I know will tell me any day of the week that I talk more than any human they have ever met, and I am sure Ethan would get bored if I tried just talking to him all day, I am jumping on the bandwagon. I have wanted to for a while, but with school and work I never had time. Due to recent very unfortunate events, work is on hold for a while and I now find myself with way too much time. So I may as well be productive (wait is this considered productive?!?...of course it is). I read other people's blogs all the time so I figured I would return the favor :-)

If you are going to read this, I should probably warn you. When things are good they are incredible. But I tend to be a very passionate person and at times may have a mouth like a sailor, if I see fit :-)
so don't be offended. To my knowledge there will be no children reading this so I don't plan on sugar-coating things. Should you read this often, all I can say is bare with me...and hold on tight!

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  1. Hey Lauren,I have enjoyed reading you blog @ can't believe the woman you have become I am so proud of you. I had no doubt in my mind though. I knew you were always tough and I knew the determination you had!!!!
    Please tell me why you haven't been able to
    find a job? I did not know there was no nursing jobs availble on the area.

    I also so pray that God will lead you in the direction you need to go.

    Take Care and keep me posted. Beverly